As producer and now de facto steward of much of Adam's work in the digital age, I wanted to make everything that I had access to available in one place for his friends and family. In celebration of a life well-lived...

Stages - 53 min documentary, 2013. View it here, below.
Beyond the Moon - latest edition of Adam's book on Amazon
Acting Class Lecture Archive - on YouTube
Articles by Adam - on Craft-Acting.com

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Both of Adam's books are available for purchase on Amazon.

Beyond the Moon, An Acting Manual, is timeless; You Got the Job! is excellent for developing a professional mindset (but the way business is conducted continues to evolve dramatically since writing...)

*For friends of Adam's wanting to order his books in bulk (25 or more), please reach out. 

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Acting Class Lectures and Article Archive

A short series of lectures in NYC acting classes (in the black box at the Drama Book Shop) circa 2010.
You can see the playlist of these lectures on YouTube.

To read the articles he wrote for Pageantry Magazine and the blog at Craft Acting Studio,
see Craft's website.

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